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Today’s Healthcare Problems


HIPAA compliance is a confidentiality concern for anyone in the healthcare industry. As patients’ privacy is valued with the utmost importance, upgrading your IT system can be nerve-racking. Even an IT system with a slight impairment could contain a security flaw that exposes confidential PHI, which could potentially lead to a lawsuit.


Healthcare professionals are constantly on the move. Medical practitioners are always in and out of the office to serve many pressing needs. Doctors cannot be everywhere at once so having a mobile source of technology makes the job much easier. A defective device can severely inhibit the practice’s entire workflow.

Support and Scalability

Healthcare demands are ever-changing. Offices change size regularly and it’s impossible to accurately predict the growing IT demands of your practice every time. Medical professionals need to be up and running at all times, regardless if their practice is exploding with new business. They need reliable support that can get them back to treating patients as quickly as possible and not be inhibited by their technology.

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Unique and Customizable Solutions


With CompleteCloud, you won’t have to worry about any confidential information leaking out. Our HIPAA compliant solution doesn’t store any files locally on network devices. Even if someone were to steal a device, no data would be found on it. All records are securely stored in our private cloud environment that resides in two SSAE 18 redundant data centers. This industry leading environment provides an extra layer of support and enacts security protocols to deter unwanted visitors away from your patients’ information.


Avatara provides medical professionals with the tools needed to access their files from anywhere. Whether you’re running around a hospital or traveling to patients’ homes, you can access your files and log out without leaving data behind. All network data is backed up in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about losing any important data. Securely access your files from anywhere that’s convenient for you.

Support and Scalability

Our specialists provide 24/7 scalable support. At Avatara, our solutions are priced based on the number of users, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing extra storage, servers, or infrastructure. You only have to pay for current users allowing you to easily scale grow your company as you grow. as much as you need to.

The Avatara Approach is the Best Approach

Avatara is one of the nation’s leading healthcare cloud service providers. We develop unique solutions to help doctors streamline their practices. Going on two decades of service, we are relentlessly committed to helping healthcare professionals overcome their IT challenges. We’ve perfected a HIPAA-compliant, remote-access workflow that offers unbeatable convenience for medical providers.

Take advantage of the Avatara approach today. Contact one of our certified experts to learn more about our unique service offerings. Give us a call to see how cloud services can help your healthcare practice.

Unique IT solutions are required to help healthcare practices.

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