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Don’t think your desktop computers belong in the cloud? Think again!

Computers communicate and perform at the best of their ability when they are operating in an optimized environment. This may come as a bit of a shock, but computers cannot thrive under your hot, dirty and cluttered desk. It’s time to take your desktop computers that are sitting in a decentralized setup and give them an optimized condition to perform. This can be done by relocating your desktop computers to our data center where we will host them in the same location as your servers.

A hosted desktop looks and behaves exactly like a regular desktop PC, but the software traditionally located on your desktop is housed and managed in our secure data centers. Allowing Avatara to host your desktops in our data centers means they operate with a sufficient amount of bandwidth, power and environmental controls.

Avatara performs all the heavy lifting of installing, updating and managing your entire desktop and server infrastructure. You can rest assured knowing that your infrastructure is hosted on enterprise-class hardware in our secure data center. With around-the-clock monitoring and support, you can be sure of a high performance service that’s both reliable and secure.

Advantages of moving your desktops to the cloud:

  • Desktop administrative and management tasks are significantly reduced
  • Applications can quickly be added or deleted
  • Security is centralized
  • Data is easier to safeguard and backup
  • Anywhere access to desktop, email, office and shared data
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery are all built in
  • No longer downloading over site bandwidth – all downloading and processing occurs in the data center