Need to upgrade your Business Phone System?

It’s time to move your calls to the CompleteCloud Voice (phone) system.

At Avatara, we offer an alternative to expensive, hard-to-manage on-premise phone systems. Avatara removes your old PBX hardware in your office and replaces it with a brand new system with no upfront costs. We deploy the system hardware, we oversee the telephone service and we have all aspects of the system monitored and managed to ensure your network and call quality.

Gone are the phone bills, equipment expenditures and ongoing issues. Avatara has enabled today’s businesses to communicate more effectively, more efficiently and more affordably. We make connecting your mobile workforce and remote office locations easy and less expensive. And best of all, your phone system will be supported by the same experts you rely on for your computers.

CompleteCloud Voice, in the same manner as the CompleteCloud data service, is delivered as a per-handset (instead of per user) subscription service. This service comes with a dedicated T1 for internet specifically for phone system. It also includes hosted PBX system, all voice telecom circuits, and can include Polycom HD voice SIP handsets or you can use existing VOIP phone handsets.

Top 6 Reasons Why CompleteCloud Voice Makes Sense:

  1. Support… Rely on the same experts who support your computers to support your phones. Get peace of mind with our 100% U.S.-based team that is available 24×7.
  2. Voice Quality… With a dedicated internet line and higher quality phones which eliminate static and service degradation, your company will experience superior voice quality and crystal clear calls. It’s like you’re talking in the same room!
  3. Centralized Phone System For All Locations… CompleteCloud Voice simplifies complex phone systems and outdated analog systems with no complex hardware to install or maintain onsite. Best of all, geographically dispersed locations are united as though they are under the same room.
  4. Phone Handset Flexibility… We let you choose the phone that meets your specific business needs, and the ability to change month over month.
  5. No CAPEX… Some companies force you to purchase their phones out right. With CompleteCloud Voice, you no longer have to purchase onsite PBX, expensive switches and routers or the phone headset itself. This gives your company more financial flexibility and freedom.
  6. Enhanced Business Features… CompleteCloud Voice is designed to help you work smarter, be more flexible, save money and keep uptodate. We let you take advantage of features such as voicemail to email and the ability to 4-digit dial between offices.

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