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Do you want to utilize a cloud desktop technology service (Daas) to enhance the efficiency of your business’s IT systems as well as to cut costs, but you’re not entirely sure about the differences between Amazon WorkSpaces and Avatara CompleteCloud. The first thing you need to know is that WorkSpaces and CompleteCloud are different services with different offerings. We’ve created this resource to try to help you make the most informed and optimal decision for your business.

The difference between Avatara CompleteCloud and Amazon WorkSpaces is that an IT specialist uses WorkSpaces, while a business owner uses CompleteCloud. As an IT specialist, you can utilize WorkSpaces and other Amazon Web Services, including their data centers, for IT solutions in your organization. But the key here is that while Amazon provides great tools, you, as the IT specialist, are ultimately building the solution. In contrast, Avatara offers a supported infrastructure with applications and 24/7 customized support for your organization’s IT needs.

We offer complete IT services. No assembly required.

Points of Parity

Avatara CompleteCloud


CAPEX Savings

CompleteCloud delivers a brand new IT Home: Virtual PCs and Thin Clients plus all new servers. All with $0 capital investment. Never buy another computer again.

Using Amazon’s data centers means not having to invest in your own. Amazon requires no up-front investment and features simple monthly pricing, but only comes with virtual desktops.


CompleteCloud allows you to add and subtract users on an as-needed basis with no processing costs. You just pay per user.

With just a few clicks, provision the number of desktops you require. Add or subtract as necessary, and pay per desktop per month.

Disaster Recovery

With CompleteCloud, your hardware, software, data and IT support are 100% backed-up in redundant data centers.

Users have access to varying amounts of persistent storage in the WorkSpaces cloud, your data is backed up at a desktop level only.


CompleteCloud’s unlimited remote access means the ability to work from anywhere in the world with unlimited access to all of your files and applications.

Work from anywhere when you can access your files and applications anywhere in the world.

Multiple Devices

Access your CompleteCloud desktop from any device, including laptops, mobile phones, tablets and thin clients.

Access your Amazon WorkSpaces from any device, including laptops, tablets and zero clients.


Points of Difference

Avatara CompleteCloud


Private vs. Public

CompleteCloud offers its clients private clouds, which means private firewalls, private domains, and more security.

WorkSpaces provides virtual desktops in Amazon’s public cloud, which means greater security concerns within a shared environment.


CompleCloud supports all users, applications and hardware with 24/7 customized US-based support.

Amazon only supports its infrastructure, meaning they won’t perform the upgrades, patches, or offer individual user support.


CompleteCloud provides hardware ranging from switches and routers to firewalls to thin clients and laptops. We also refresh equipment as needed.

Amazon provides no user or on-site hardware.


CompleteCloud offers unlimited storage. Period.

WorkSpaces’ storage options are based on tiered pricing.

Microsoft Licenses

In addition to complimentary Microsoft Office Pro 2013, CompleteCloud offers an unlimited Microsoft-based server plan with Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Forefront, Lync, Active Directory and malware protection.

WorkSpaces includes Microsoft Office 2010 and does not come with any Microsoft-based server plan or other Microsoft licenses.