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In the engineering, architecture or manufacturing space, you are using complex graphic and power-intensive applications with enormous file sizes. This inherently presents challenges to “cloud” solutions, which ordinarily would have you working from files directly saved in the cloud. However, as you can imagine, working from large, complex CAD files stored in the cloud is not efficient, and can prove to be slow and choppy.

Recognizing that you need a customized workflow that will give you the benefits of cloud technology without any latency issues, our solution gives you the best of both worlds. A local data cache is at each of your locations that stores your project files and syncs continuously with the servers in our data center-i.e. the cloud. This gives you a fluid, disaster-proof workflow that allows you to collaborate globally without any of the choppiness historically associated with using CAD software in the cloud.

CompleteCloud’s Unique CAD Solution

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Multisite CAD Environment

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