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Avatara Partner Workshops

Over the years we’ve continually provided training on how our partner network can be successful in growing their business with CompleteCloud. We started with monthly partner calls and even built Avatara University, an entire site dedicated to training and equipping our partners with knowledge of our products and processes that lets partners learn at their own pace. But the most robust training and networking opportunity we offer is our Partner Workshops.

We wanted to create a unique training and networking experience that the channel hadn’t ever seen before. During this one expansive day of training you’ll get to engage with our executive team, see how our infrastructure is built, hear from current partners, and enjoy a night out on the town. These workshops provide hands on training and the best opportunity to learn and understand how CompleteCloud can successfully grow your business. Our workshops are so comprehensive in their training that attendees from our workshops have closed $14.3 million worth of combined business.

  • 1

    NOC & Data Center Tour

    Tour our NOC, meet employees, and see our data center.

  • 2

    Infrastructure Overview

    In depth infrastructure review with our Our CEO and CTO.

  • 3

    Premier Partner Q&A

    Interview and Q&A with our most successful partner.

  • 4

    Sales and Marketing Roundtable

    Hear what is working for other partners and how to improve marketing CompleteCloud.

  • 5

    Social Event and Networking

    Enjoy a night on the town on us. We’ve done Topgolf, baseball games, hockey games, and more.

Become Part Of The Top Performers

If you want to obtain a better understanding of CompleteCloud and how it has enhanced our partner’s revenue stream, you need to attend our Partner Workshops. You will learn from not only the founders of Avatara, but also a current and successful partners that we fly in specifically so you can ask them questions and learn how they are consistently winning new business each month with CompleteCloud.


of attendees were extremely satisfied.

3 months

the average time until the first deal is closed after the workshop.


of attendees would recommend you attend.

You’ll meet a solid team; obtain a better understanding of CompleteCloud and how to best present it to both current and potential customers; and get connected with other business owners across the country so you can keep in touch and learn what they do in their own markets to be successful.

Hear From Others Just Like You


“Complete Cloud has allowed us to separate ourselves by giving us an all in one solution that gives us a unique offering which provides a competitive edge over other companies selling Managed Services in our region.”

Noah Priddy Louisville, KY
Integrated Technology Services

“Our partnership with Avatara has allowed us to serve customers we could never have served on our own without extensive infrastructure investment!”

Michael Hladczuk Charleston, SC
Integrated Technologies

“One of the most powerful and informative events I’ve attended in years.”

Mike McCurdy

“We were able to hear from and ask questions of a partner who has had extensive experience working with Avatara. I needed this in order to bring together all of the various question marks I had in my head about infrastructure, provisioning, architecture, security, and pricing. It was a very informative day!”

Russel Hopkinson

“Critical to my growth and annuitization of my long-term business model. Time well spent getting to know core Avatara team.”

Dan Kanabroski

“Really enjoyed the interaction between partners, this is in my opinion the most value of the conference.”

Noah Priddy
Integrated Technologies

“It was nice to experience the Avatara office and meet the voices on the phone. I learned the knowledge and experience behind the product is exceptional. Many ideas and perspectives were learned. The food was great and the baseball game was fun. Thank you for everything!”

Dean Cox
Meridian Cyber Defense

“Nothing replaces meeting in person, the team you want to Partner with.”

Scott Vachal
N tha Cloud

“This one day event is well worth your time and effort. Upon completion you will be an Avatara super fan.”

Kevin Wiederhold
Integrated Technologies

“It was helpful to meet the team at Avatara, including some of the behind the scenes people that we don’t interact regularly. The data center was good from the standpoint of experiencing the level of security that is there and which we can pass on to potential customers.”

Scott Wilson

“It was great to see the technology in action and speak to the people who designed it!”

Michael Hadlczuk

“The routing is pretty impressive after listening to the CEO and CTO going over the infrastructure and security.”

Robert Kyslinger
IT Weld

“My experience was positive and overall I found great value in the entire Partner Workshop. The premier partner presentation / Q&A and the Infrastructure Overview session were informative. I enjoyed the one-off conversation with the Avatara team members and other partners. It was nice to see the office and data center and be able to meet some of the people that I have been working with. You all were great and Thank you for your hospitality!”

Patrick Zbacnik
IT Evolution LLC

“Ben and Michael gave me a better understanding of the approach that one should take to pitch the services; asses the customer needs, inventory the customer infrastructure and apps, and build the migration plan.”

Hamid Rafiee
IT Evolution LLC

“Essential for newbees….and time well spent.”

John Drumm

“This was an incredibly valuable workshop for me, it was probably the best meeting of its type that I have been to in my career.”

Scott Wilson, Integrated Technologies (ID)

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