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Client Monthly Meeting Survey

April 14, 2015

The most important role you, our partners, play in the delivery of CompleteCloud is Account Management. It is critical that our partners maintain a good relationship and open communication channel with the decision makers at our shared clients. We understand that different organizations have different methodologies of handling their clients. However, we have built a tool that can be used by our partners to capture consistent feedback from the client. Whether or not you have…

UPDATE to Billing

April 14, 2015

We have updated our policy on billing new clients. Partners will now receive an invoice during migration which will be for Month 1 based on contracted amount, and we will use actual user counts starting in Month 2. The goal is to collect Month 1 (or prorated Month 1) prior to going into Migration weekend or at the very least by the 15th of the month of service. Also, because the billing amount is known…

New User Cutoff Date

April 13, 2015

We are implementing a new user billing cutoff date of the 10th of the month. This will allow sufficient time for the various billing cycles that need to occur around the 15th. Please notify your clients that all adds, deletes, or changes that would affect billing that happen prior to the 10th of the month will appear on the next month’s invoice. Changes after the 10th will show up on the following monthÕs bill. There…

NO USB Printers

April 12, 2015

USB printers cause an unneeded and unpredictable workload during CompleteCloud migration weekends. In order to mitigate risk to initial migrations and better manage an effective transition, we have decided to eliminate USB printers from migration weekends. If at a later date, partners would like to spend the time and effort to install USB printers with CompleteCloud you can do so. Please plan to replace any mission critical USB printers with network enabled printers, prior to migration weekend. Muratec Printer OptionÉ…

New Support Number with Live Voice

February 6, 2015

NEW CompleteCloud Support: 1-888-943-5602 We have decided to launch a live voice 800 number to be used by our partner community. The customer service representative will not work on cases, but will provide a friendly voice that will escalate emergencies as needed and create cases for our team to work on. The live communication will be branded generically as CompleteCloud, not Avatara. We think this is a great addition to provide more personable services while not interrupting established support workflows. Please…