Leadership Spotlight: Ben Scully

This excerpt was originally published in our 2022 coffee table book, Avatara at a Glance. Click here to view the digital flipbook or contact us to request a free hard copy. 

Meet Ben, Avatara’s President

“I love the opportunity to help our customers grow their business through the use of our platform. The client-partner relationship is so important.”

What should you know about Ben?

He would tell you…

Throughout Ben’s life, relationship-building is a clear through line. A career in sales isn’t the most obvious choice for a self-described introvert, but it’s a natural progression for someone who values partnership. When asked about his role as President of Avatara, his eyes light up as he talks about being more than a vendor for clients, but also their strategic business advisor and thought partner. He’s passionate about gaining a deep understanding of new industries and companies.

His colleagues would tell you…
Ben is a pioneer. Back in 2013, when Avatara was a client at Ben’s marketing agency, he recommended that they sell CompleteCloud to MSPs to distribute to their customers. To which Rob McCormick responded, “Great. Why don’t you do it?” And so, he did. Ben recruited his top salesman, Kraig Kubicek, and led Avatara to grow tenfold in less than a decade. He brings this go-getter attitude and entrepreneurial spirit to every opportunity, and his colleagues and clients reap the benefits.

His family would tell you…
Ben is as adventurous personally as he his professionally. It’s one thing to travel the world (which he’s done plenty). It’s another to road trip around Europe with no set destination and three young kids in tow. Years before joining Avatara, that’s exactly what Ben and his wife did. For three months, the Scully family drove from country to country without an agenda. They rode scooters around some of the world’s most beautiful cities. They even discovered that one of the best playgrounds in Paris happens to have the Notre Dame Cathedral as a backdrop. That freedom to explore and get to know a city the way the residents know it is indicative of how he leads.

You’ll never catch Ben sitting idly.

Some of the hobbies that keep him busy include…

  • Biking, hiking, skiing, and working out
  • Watching sports
  • Option trading
  • Learning the art of ceramics on his pottery wheel