Professional Services firms have very sensitive IT needs. Security is critical when dealing with confidential client information, and reliability is vital when your firm is operating almost exclusively through technology-supported labor.

Reliability: Whether you’re a small law firm or a large accounting firm, your IT infrastructure is critical. When your system goes down, you can’t work. And that means you can’t bill. Downtime as a result of unreliable IT is a direct cost that your business shouldn’t have to suffer anymore.

Our Solution: CompleteCloud is the technology of the future. A server-based infrastructure is inherently much more reliable than a PC-based infrastructure because it’s always available. Sitting securely in our data center instead of under your desk, your computer is always on. It’s time you maximize your billable hours, and it’s simple: our system doesn’t go down.

Scalability: Your firm is growing, whether in numbers of employees or in IT investment, or both. And this is costly. Investing in new equipment every time you hire another team member can add up quickly—and it’s not economical. Overhauling your equipment to upgrade software or hardware is not only costly, but it takes man-hours and inhibits workflow.

Our Solution: Our CompleteCloud utility services model is based only on the number of users, and equipment refresh is complementary. That means that when you hire additional employees, you only pay our utility services fee for one additional user. And when any of your hardware breaks down, we come in and replace it at no cost. Furthermore, with everything in the cloud, doing a software install or OS upgrade is simple and carries no extra charge.

Mobility & Multiple Locations: Let’s say you’re a medium-sized firm with a handful of offices spread out across different cities. You have your infrastructure stationed at HQ, and each additional office remotely connecting. But this is inefficient and diminishes performance. It’s not fluid in the way that your company’s workflow should be. Furthermore, working from home or your phone should be as easy as one click—and right now, it’s probably not.

Our Solution: We provide you a centralized infrastructure that eases the remote workflow, and enables your team to work together fluidly from anywhere in the world—whether on different floors of the building or different sides of the country. Since everything is hosted in a centralized, highly specialized data center, the remote IT workflow becomes more balanced, and therefore faster. Finally, you can continue to have your efficient workflow with access to all of your files and software from any device with just a simple login.

Security: IT threats are scary these days, and it’s critical to have tight security protocols, especially when you’re dealing with sensitive client information. If your equipment is ever stolen, that’s a huge liability, because no matter how many passwords your device has, the data will always be stored on that hard disk.

Our Solution: CompleteCloud’s private infrastructure provides individualized firewall security setups for each of our clients. And having everything in the cloud means that no data is stored on your equipment. Without access to your account, the devices are indistinguishable. We use sophisticated monitoring and intrusion detection tools to ensure your environment is safe.