Manufacturing is as unique of an industry as it is a challenging one to manage from an IT perspective. Luckily, our decade of experience in the industry means we’ve got you covered with no problem.

Diverse User Environment: Manufacturing presents a unique set of challenges because of its many facets of operations; administrative staff members have different IT needs than salespeople traveling across the country or the warehouse manager who maintains an inventory shipping and forklift system. And beyond the IT needs of your people, there are machines and robots wired into the network, which need to be managed as well. Rather than having separate, disjointed IT systems for every different component of your business, we believe in having an integrated, seamless solution.

Our Solution: We have a depth of experience matching the diverse needs of the complex, dynamic manufacturing environment. Our integrated cloud solution will give centralized support and standardization for all of your devices and IT needs. We also refresh equipment at no additional cost; you just pay per user, giving you an opportunity to reallocate those resources more viably. In addition, we offer 24/7 support which means no more waiting until the morning until your IT staff can resolve the issue. Our manufacturing clients have seen drastic increases in productivity and reduction in IT issues after switching to our cloud solution.

Multi-Location & Scalability: Manufacturer’s frequently have IT issues that surface because of operating out of multiple locations. They often have ERP systems that manage jobs and invoices, in addition to some other software. Then your remote locations have to terminal in or VPN in, which frequently causes performance issues.

Our Solution: We centralize all of your information and software in our data center and take the burden off of your headquarters location. This evens out the performance environment across your locations and eliminates poor performance in remote or secondary locations. We’ll easily connect all of your locations. Even more importantly, though, our solutions allow for much easier scalability: in your high-performance environment, you don’t have the time or resources to waste scaling your workflow and worrying about remotely connecting. You just pay per user. Finally, our disaster recovery is unbeatable. Everything is saved and synced in the cloud constantly, so you never have to worry about losing anything again.