We offer a unique engineering solution that keeps your workflow fluid and hassle-free, while backing up all of your files in the cloud behind the scenes. Recognizing that you need a customized workflow that will give you the benefits of cloud technology without any latency issues, our solution gives you the best of both worlds. Download AutoCAD in the Cloud Whitepaper!

Complex Applications (CAD, Autodesk, etc.): Most cloud solutions don’t take into account the inherent problems with storing large, complex engineering files in the cloud. You want to have your files backed up, but simply storing them on a server won’t cut it. Even working on these huge, graphic-intensive files with the most up-to-date virtualization software still proves to be slow, choppy and too impeding to work remotely.

Our Solution: We still host these files in our data center, giving you all of the benefits of cloud technology—but we also store your project files locally so that you can work without any latency issues. Then, behind the scenes, we synchronize and back up your files every time you hit “save.” This creates an optimal workflow with no interruptions, and still allows you access to files from anywhere in the world, with a safe, reliable back-up system.

Storage: Your project files take up a lot of space. As you move through your Agile workflow, design after design, the storage demands continue to increase. You want to keep all of your old work, and continue to develop new work, while saving backups and updates all along the way. We don’t think these storage demands should ever present an added cost or inconvenience to you.

Our Solution: We give you unlimited storage in our redundant data centers. End of story. Never worry about increasing storage demands again, as we will continue to provide you with storage space as your work demands it.

Collaboration: As an engineer working on complex, challenging projects, teamwork is pivotal. Engineering is a collaborative process that continuously demands input and modification in a timely manner. And in this day and age, we don’t believe that technical limitations should inhibit the collaborative process. You need to be able to share files—syncing, sharing, sharpening—quickly and easily, both internally and with clients.

Our Solution: Our CompleteCloud Solution provides one centralized location to get in and out of. Because copies of your files are stored in a local data cache at all of your locations, you can grant coworkers and clients the same easy access to your files that you have—just as quickly, and just as fluidly. Imagine finishing a design, saving it and messaging your project manager to open it. He or she can view it, edit it and send it back, all within seconds.