Avatara - The Cloud Redefined

Avatara was founded in 2005 to create a game-changing solution to the problems businesses were experiencing with their traditional IT infrastructure. After 10 years, Avatara is now a top cloud computing company and cloud service provider. The founding partners recognized that businesses were drowning in an ever increasing pool of outages and costs while struggling to advance their strategic business initiatives. The unique Avatara approach to IT infrastructure frees the business from the burden of IT and allows focus on core competencies.

We Aren't Like Other Cloud Providers.

  1. Full cloud computing solution that eliminates two things:
    1. Threat of technology downtime.
    2. No longer a need to purchase another computer.
  2. Complete hardware refresh of your technology with no upfront capital investing.
  3. We also take over and manage your internet bill and will upgrade you AT&T fiber internet where available. 
  4. Increases accessibility…you can access your network from anywhere.
  5. Consume 60% less energy with Avatara’s Thin  Clients. 
  6. Predictable IT budget: Per user per month pricing model that doesn’t change as your company grows with no unexpected bills. 

Access your network from anywhere

Are You Currently Using the AT&T Network as your Internet Provider?

If not, we would love to see if we can propvide better connectivity by moving you to the A&T network. We will take over that bill and contract as part of service as well that goes into your per user per month plan.