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In the midst of COVID-19 businesses are collapsing and many don't have ways to keep working while at home. CompleteCloud clients don't have that issue. See what they have to say!

Our Clients

Here is a list of just some of the things our clients and their leadership had to say in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. 

- Michael, Senior Project Manager

Kurosh was very prompt and helpful. Thank you!

- Kelly, Office Manager 

Kaeli quickly helped me get my laptop online - she was amazing! 
Thank you!

- Nelson, Purchasing 

Shelby did very me up and running quickly.

- Shari, Buyer

I was glad Eddie responded so quickly on the chat and resolved the problem.

- Scott, Owner

Moving onto your platform has proven to be a real good decision. Don't know what we would have done with out it right now.

- Thomas,  President

If this had happened in December before we had you guys, we would have been dead in the water. 

- Greg,  Chief Strategy Officer

The move to working from home went flawlessly. The communication was great and Connect has worked great. Our users are quiet and working which is the true sign of success. Your team deserves Big Props.

- Steve, President  

I'm extremely happy we moved to your platform a few weeks ago. It’s the only way we are still able to keep our business running during the quarantine.

- Bob, EVP & Chief Risk Officer

Kurosh did an excellent job helping me with my workstation! Much appreciated

- Jerry, EVP Chief Engineer

Marc, David told us that you stayed up last night to get Vericut working and I would like to tell you how much we appreciate that!!! This is a critical path piece of software for us and this enables a couple of our vulnerable employees, and more to work remotely. As you well know that means people keep working and dollars keep flowing.

I think of you guys (and all of Avatara) as being at the front line and am so thankful that we have you to turn to.

- Francis, Senior Project Manager

We really appreciate the support & remote capabilities provided by Avatara.

- Jeff, Finance

Appreciate all you are doing to keep us up and running! It has been a game changer and I can promise you our executive staff appreciates all you do! Stay safe!!

- Sarah, COO  

We are all working remotely and are very pleased to report that our Avatara system is working really well! Many thanks to you, Ben and all of your team for handling our special requests so promptly and keeping us going in this very turbulent time.

- Chris, Managing Partner  

The team have effectively been working from anywhere for the past 7 years and they all fully appreciated my push for Avatara.

In fact they had two major partners query us yesterday regarding their DR and business continuity readiness. In my letter to them I mentioned that Macromark far exceeded their remote access requirements because the system was designed to afford remote use as a full time daily benefit and not just in a contingency scenario.

So we're all set and delighted at this time.

- Richard, CPA

I just wanted to reach out and say thanks. Your team was top notch it getting our teams set up. Things are getting better every day.

 In light of what is happening in the world today, we are fortunate to have made the jump to Avatara. Thank you.

- Gail, Partner

Eddie was totally wonderful. He worked diligently to figure out my problem and fixed it quickly.

- Lisa, HR Manager

Just so you know I have not had one issue that was not resolved during our transition to go remote with our employees. I think it is important for you to know the good feedback not just the bad from your fav!

In all seriousness, I do enjoy working with you all and at this time I know you too are probably working on a skeleton crew in the office or all remotely. They are doing a great job and should get a virtual pat on the back.

- Sharin, Purchasing

He did great- resolved the issue quickly.

- Chelsie, Provider

Nicole was great! She answered my text very quickly and set my account right away. Very helpful!

- Rick, Client Relations Manager

Kudos to your team for their assistance through our Stay (and Work) at Home order. I’ve watched my wife (and others) struggle accessing their corporate networks via VPN and truly appreciate the ease that Remote Desktop gives me to our network. I have experienced no downtime or lag and in the 3 weeks we’ve been working from home, have only once opened my company issued laptop. In addition, access to the network has been without issue. As someone who has always been a bit of a skeptic working in this fashion, count me as a convert. I truly appreciate the flexibility we have to work in this fashion. Doubly so watching friends struggle day over day with more traditional IT configurations.

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- Margaret, Dirctor of Operations

I just wanted to say how much we’ve appreciated having remote desktop access during this COVID situation.

- Andrea, Customer Success 

Terrific on all counts. Quickly answered, quickly resolved and friendly, too

- Jamie, Finance Manger

Brandon is Great. Very quick to solve problems.

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- Eric, vCIO

Ben & Rob, I just to let you know we ALL feel Ben is a Rockstar. He has been really good with us, as well as assisting our clients. Very professional and level headed, among other things. I want to you know that this is completely unprompted and he has no idea that I am sending this. 

With this current climate out in the world it is always good to know that there are good people out there and I feel like he is one of them.

- Robert , Assistant Controller

Kaeli has been the best help making it easier to work remotely., quick knowledgeable and easier demeanor. Thank you

- Ernie, Manager

Kurosh was fantastic! Mission accomplished, another satisfied customer.

- Kiarra, Sales Manager

Brant was AMAZING! He went above and beyond to help me get my laptop figured out. He was also very fast and knowledgeable

- Frank, Senior Program Manager

Brant was better than excellent! Give him a bonus today.

- Jeff, Financial Services

Despite all of the [COVID-19] quarantine stuff, last month was still a very busy month. This was due in no small part to Avatara. We would not have been able to remain billable without your platform.