Martha’s Hands

CompleteCloud meets needs for increased mobility and security in healthcare

John Hedrick “retired to a full-time job” when he sold his successful engineering business in 2000 and teamed up with his wife, Eileen, and the in-home health services company she started in 1997.

One of the first things John did aside from bringing business leadership to the table was use his engineering expertise to improve the daily operating, administrative and financial aspects of the company. This left more hours for employees to do what they’re in the business of doing: providing excellent and compassionate in-home care services for the elder community or anyone needing help at home.

John was successful and soon Martha’s Hands started growing by leaps and bounds.

As the business grew, so, too, did their IT needs. John was forced to support various PCs, servers and phone systems within the organization, using valuable time that could have been better used. In the healthcare industry, they also faced unique restrictions regarding patient information and HIPAA laws. Keeping track of these regulations would take a professional. Faced with hiring a full-time IT staff and sinking thousands of dollars into hardware and software upgrades, John needed a solution to improve his business’ efficiency and security. He found CompleteCloud.

Through CompleteCloud, John was able to virtualize many of his day-to-day technology. Martha’s Hand’s PBX phone system, telephony and dispatching as well as all the desktop PCs were all virtualized, making the daily workings of the business significantly more efficient. Most importantly, the use of CompleteCloud was also able to ensure the security of their information and compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Previously concerned with the “mechanization” as John put it of his business, CompleteCloud was the solution to make his IT more efficient without the significant cost.

John uses his newly freed bandwidth to continue growing the company and getting to flex his engineering grey matter on what he enjoys: “finding better solutions to mechanize the company and increase our effectiveness.”

CompleteCloud serves as part of the team helping John find these new solutions. Once found, they can be painlessly implemented on Martha’s Hand’s Virtual Network leaving more time to grow the company.