Delivering all-inclusive cloud technology solutions in the engineering space


With 18 years of experience in the civil engineering industry and multiple awards as one of the best and fastest-growing engineering firms in the region, ABNA has significantly contributed to the growth and urban development of St. Louis and other cities in both Missouri and Illinois.

Among ABNA’s successful projects are the I-64/40 design-build projects in the St. Louis area, the Lindbergh Boulevard Tunnel construction beneath Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and the MetroLink cross-county extension. ABNA’s breadth of services and commitment to exceed clients’ expectations has led the company to its rapid growth.


Throughout ABNA’s success, however, company leadership noticed that their technology environment was not meeting their increased IT system requirements and demands. In response, ABNA made efforts to improve their IT solutions by:

  • Hiring an in-house IT resource
  • Investing in technology upgrades
  • Outsourcing part of their IT responsibilities and securing a server maintenance contract

Soon the inevitable happened – the same server that was under the maintenance contract crashed, leaving ABNA’s IT system down for three days, heavily impacting the firm’s productivity.


With a clear interest in new technology solutions, ABNA attended a cloud computing seminar featuring a presentation about CompleteCloud. ABNA’s leadership learned about its fundamentals and applications, which entailed eliminating ABNA’s hardware dependency and implementing an efficient cloud solution. More specific suggestions included the addition of 12 CAD thin clients, 30 general-purpose thin clients and a wireless LAN.

After reviewing the recommendations and receiving a compelling reference from one of our current clients, ABNA was very impressed with the benefits CompleteCloud offered in a cost-effective package. A cost-benefit analysis between other cloud computing vendors and the CompleteCloud solution convinced ABNA’s president, Nicole Adewale, that this was the best option.


Since fully integrating their solution with ABNA’s applications (AutoCad, Microsoft Office and Adobe), CompleteCloud has allowed for a substantial increase in
productivity, accessibility, flexibility and mobile capability. ABNA can now focus on delivering projects and expanding the business, instead of worrying about their technology and system performance. Previously, IT solutions that could be successfully integrated with the AutoCad program were rare for the engineering industry.

ABNA now considers the CompleteCloud solution to be a business partner and team member, instead of simply an IT support provider, thanks to the great communication and relationship maintained. In her own words, ABNA’s Nicole Adewale refers to us as a caring partner that promptly helps with any problem that arises, either over the phone, by email or in person. With the mobile capabilities CompleteCloud enables, ABNA’s staff is not concerned about system breakdowns that may threaten productivity and security—managers are now able to take the company’s laptops to any location with a reliable Wi-Fi connection and the company’s operations can continue uninterrupted.


What’s next for ABNA? In the short term, the engineering firm plans to donate their old hardware to a local organization and fully experience their technologically refreshed facility.

Looking forward, ABNA will continue to explore new business opportunities in Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. Future expansion includes incorporating ongoing strategic planning in partnership with CompleteCloud.

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