One of the best ways to get value from an investment in cloud computing technology is to take advantage of the ability to scale.

Scalability means your IT organization can quickly and easily grow or shrink depending on the business need at hand. The cloud’s nature makes scaling up and down easier and more affordable than in traditional environments because organizations usually don’t have to buy into additional resources to handle temporary high peaks in flow. Overall, this leads to reduced overheads for your business and the ability to respond rapidly to the changing needs of your business.

Businesses with the best growth potential are those that are scalable. Scalable businesses are able to grow without their infrastructure holding them back. Think about the power of being able to grow your business rapidly, add users, spin up new servers, adjust to projects or seasonal variations without having to extensively plan hardware and software purchasing and the labor to roll them out.

“Leveraging the CompleteCloud graphics solution has allowed our company to grow by 40% in the first year we were on CompleteCloud.” ~ Civil Engineering Executive

At Avatara, we don’t believe that you should have to pay a fortune in order to grow or expand. Let us take care of all the LAN equipment, the Internet and any hardware necessary for your expansion. Thinking about launching a new location? Avatara decreases risks of trying to launch a new location from an IT perspective.

Avatara’s cloud computing technology and utility pricing model, is all inclusive and makes budgeting for your growth very easy. Just count the heads, and you have your budget. No surprise server purchases to blow your budget. If a software upgrade demands a server upgrade, just simply let us know and we will spin up a new server at no additional cost. CompleteCloud is designed to right size with your business demands now and in the future.