Everyone’s talking about going green these days – and it’s a good idea, too! But let’s be honest, the greenest possible solution for computing would be an abacus and a stick to write with in the sand. So until you can grow your own computer, there’s cloud computing.

Cloud computing has enormous potential to transform the world of IT: reducing costs, improving efficiency and contributing to a more sustainable world. When businesses use cloud storage, they eliminate the need for in-house IT resources, cutting down on office and server space since the data is on a shared server provided by a cloud provider.

At CompleteCloud, we replace your desktop computers with “thin clients.” Your thin client serves as a remote control for your virtual computer which exists in a bank of super computers in the Avatara Data Centers. Since the Data Center is doing all the technological “heavy lifting,” thin clients are much simpler than the bulky, inefficient desktop PCs they replace. Our thin clients consume 90% less energy than a traditional desktop PC. Thin clients don’t just take up less space on your desk, they take fewer resources to build and use less energy than traditional desktop PCs.


Thousands of businesses worldwide are now sharing resources in the cloud instead of wasting energy and money on maintaining their servers. Going green is also a great way to improve your company’s reputation. Given the choice, would you not prefer to work with a business that is committed to reducing their carbon footprint?

Here are some key reasons why cloud environments are inherently more eco-friendly:

  • Fewer machines
  • Equipment efficiency
  • Consolidated climate control costs
  • Dynamically allocated resource

What’s almost as good as saving the planet? Saving money, of course! Often times moving to green or more eco-friendly procedures means an increase in cost for a company. However, with cloud-based computing, it’s likely your transition will keep more money in your pockets AND do a world of good toward helping the planet. Cloud computing is one way you can go green and save some green at the same time!